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Hot tubs for rent for bathing outside. Bath in +37’C water under the sky while enjoying the northern lights. The tub can be moved to your holiday home where you can easily enjoy it. It is also possible to order the tub ready and warm to the yard of your holiday cottage or if you wish, we can organize for a place for bathing including a sauna and winter swimming possibility.

Please note, that it takes 3 – 4 hours to prepare the hot tube for bathing. 

Also, we kindly ask you to make the reservation at least a day before. 

It is simple and easy to hire from us, here is how:

– Pick a date when you want to hire a bath tub
– Contact us and arrange the hire
– We will bring the tub to the address you have provided us with
– We will make the tub ready for bathing
– You will have the tub for the amount of time we have agreed upon
– We will pick up the tub

Contact us:

Toni Lehtimäki


Visiting address:
Hot Tub Rental Rovaniemi
Halvarinranta 17
96900 Rovaniemi


Open Daily 8.00 – 22.00.